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We’re a smaller company able to accommodate massive e Commerce projects with unsurpassed commitment. From the minute you engage us to partner with you on your digital journey, you feel it. We, in turn, thrive on your trust in our skills. Experience nothing short of industry-best strategic and technical expertise in digital excellence. We’re leading the way for clients in the arena of Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, Website Development, SEO, Branding, Application Development, Media Creation, and more.

Our clients appreciate that our focus is 100% focused on delivering customized solutions. Our services are accessible as a resource pool to derive answers that make sense – whatever it takes. If we don’t have the ammunition in-house (an unlikely event), we know where to find it. See below how we seamlessly integrate six core services to deliver solutions in the two most critical challenges every business faces today:

E Commerce


Long-term eCommerce planning to create a meaningful competitive advantage 

Online Marketing

We will develop a compelling strategy that enables your business to harness all the opportunities offered by internet web-based channels. The goal is to strengthen your branding, products, and services through digital messaging. We employ industry-best techniques and media creation methods that center on SEO, Google ads, social media content, emails, and more.

Branding and Identity

Our expertise first locates and establishes your brand's foundation stone - the image and view you want to communicate to your customers (i.e., branding). We merge this into solidly identifying the brand as a go-to customer preference for gratifying targeted needs (i.e., identification). The latter depends strongly on effectively communicating the brand image - an activity that overlaps substantially with our online marketing strategy. It’s all part-and-parcel of the integrative services we offer our clients in the spirit of a digital resource partnership that works in your favor.

Interaction Design

We have the engineering expertise to design systems around the latest digital technologies to serve your branding and eCommerce activities in the best possible ways. It crucially involves streamlining everything in your virtual arena to create the best possible, budget-centric communication structure. Our central focus centers on pivotal interactions that help move visitors to engaging online touchpoints and, ultimately, the buying cart. For example, the buying button function strategically positioned can accelerate client sales significantly.


Search engine optimization is a core benefit of working with the Uptop team. We pedantically analyze your keywords crucial to showing up as a top result naturally on Google. We follow this up by inserting them into your social media content in a balanced way. Many of our clients' eCommerce goals have reached unimagined heights through our thoughtful SEO strategies.

Business Optimization

Our Business optimization strategies are iconic and a cornerstone of the eCommerce services we can deliver to clients. We converge all our diverse technologies to automate repetitive tasks (mostly with machine-learning apps) and speed up your systems all around. Everything we do around this activity connects to enhancing profitability, and your ROI.

Data Analytics

Data is a company's most valuable asset, opening inroads to customer needs off the radar - unimagined in ones traditional thinking. Our team has established the latest data analytic technologies in its resource pool. This enables us to collate and examine datasets from your records for insights into your marketplace, often with groundbreaking ROI consequences.

Our services


Addressing the dynamic pace of change in the digital era with the latest technologies and cybersecurity protections

Web Hosting

Web hosting, which includes Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, revolves around our capability to allocate space on a reliable web server to store files and secure you against hackers. It lies at the root of preventing downtime situations by ensuring that our website development provides interaction speeds that keep your audience engaged throughout the online marketing process. Most managed services do not allow one to install specific software or add code without assistance from the hosting provider. We go the extra mile, creating unique flexibility, giving clients access to all the tools they like to work with. It enables them to function independently as if it was a VPS (virtual private server). The clients can select their “convenience operations” while opting to leave other aspects of hosting to us (e.g., managing uptime and monitoring alerts).

Website Design

We have the engineering expertise to design systems around the latest digital technologies to serve your branding and eCommerce activities in the best possible ways. We have specialists on our team that cover a broad spectrum of programming languages. From PHP, JAVA, React, AngularJS, Node, Swift to C# we have you covered. Our award-winning design team creates amazing creative assets so you stand out and your brand gets the image it deserves.

SalesForce CRM

Customer relationship management is a critical focus of enterprise businesses and SMEs alike. The iconic public company Salesforce leads in this arena as by-far-and-away the most popular CRM platform. We know everything there is to know about Salesforce development strategies and finding the best ways these tools can benefit your business. As your IT partner, application development advisor, branding consultant, and conductor of online marketing initiatives, it's a natural fit. As a stakeholder, you can't ignore the massive overlap that affects all these focus areas.

PPC & AD Creation

PPC aligns closely with our SEO strategizing activities, relating to an online advertising model we construct based on Google ads clicks and social media content. Before we entered the picture, many of our clients were losing money hand over fist. Our designs and videos separate us from the rest. We take pride in the fine-detail analysis we apply to optimally display our clients' ads and leverage the data to improve the messaging consistently. Our team's accumulated experience maximizes sales, enhances branding, and dramatically increases customer engagement with significant results.

IT Services

Our IT services make day-to-day operations more straightforward. PBX, Printer support, file sharing, email support, networking & cabling, and adding new software are the fundamental things that keep your business running. We handle it all so you can focus on the critical revenue considerations. The bottom line is that the Uptop teams can professionally maintain your digital systems seamlessly and affordably.

Social Media Management

This is a hot topic, but never fear; our one-stop digital expertise covers it. We get into the thick of your communication goals to develop an end-to-end process that creates media content and the social media program to deliver the message. We focus on generating leads, creating prospect interest, leading to the buy-cart. It ties in closely with your branding, iOS mobile development, SalesForce development, and media creation techniques, all of which we employ as and when relevant.

SMS Advertising

An integrated advertising program frequently includes a promotional campaign using text messages (SMS). If you think it can work in your business - or is already working - we are the team to have in your corner. Message content, timing, repeats, alerts, and customer updates are integral to SMS advertising success. We cover it all.

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